The Igualada-Odena aerodrome was built during the Spanish Civil War, which supplied aeronautical needs to the Republican Army. The City of Igualada bought the land in 1959 and subsequently placed the current aerodrome.

The aerodrome is specifically devised to host recreational aviation activities. In addition, the goverment of Catalonia (Generalitat) aims to expand aircraft services of the aerodrome for developing a complete airport system. The expansion is part of the general government’s blueprint to expand the aeronautical capacity of the central counties in Catalonia. The Aerodrome Special Plan contains the blueprint for the revitalization of the aerodrome during the upcoming years.

The aerodrome is located within the city limits of Odena, about two kilometers from Igualada. It ocuppies an area of approximately 33.8 ha. It offers two parallel runways, both 900 m long and 15 m wide. The main runway has an asphalt surface whereas the secondary runway has a grass surface.

Access to the aerodrome’s facilities is restricted and are managed by the Igualada-Odena Aerodrome Management Consortium. The aerodrome offers some of the best Catalonia’s training schools in powered aircraft, gliders (flying using updrafts), small planes, or hot air balloons. Members of the training schools receive all teaching materials and aircraft needed for practicing each discipline.

The aerodrome is the epicenter of the anual Airshow, which gained International recognition. The Airshow is organized by Fira d’Igualada and aims to become a referent in the aeronautical recreational sector, both corporate and services.

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